Dear Members,

Yesterday’s lockdown news …Some of us felt this was coming, although it’s likely that all of us hoped it wasn’t. It is a frustrating time and we are feeling for our community and the state right now.  However, let’s do our best to find a shimmer of the silver lining to all of this…

To the parents of newborns & the first time parents enjoy the downtime, let your babies fall asleep on you, put your feet up, take your time with EVERYTHING, you don’t have to be anywhere!

To the parents who are working from home doing your best with the juggle, listening to roaring dinosaurs, or flittering fairies running about the house; you’re doing an amazing job, take a break and lose yourself in their imaginations!

To the families who are away from their families and feeling alone againjust reach out to your little ones and feel all the unconditional love that is coming from them right now. You have been given a little more time to establish a real connection, embrace it!

To the parents who will miss the park chats – What’s app, phone call, video call, text, House Party, Zoom – 6 weeks will fly by, it’s already July!

We can get through this again – together.

Stay safe, stay well, stay warm and we’ll see you on the other side of 6 weeks!

Your Elwood Playgroup Committee

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