Our Centre

Located at 51 Broadway, Elwood is our wonderful centre which has a great supply of toys, swings, slides, doll houses, prams, wooden kitchens, arts and crafts, play equipment and much more.

Your children will never be bored. In fact you may struggle to get them home again!

The centre is divided into two main rooms each with their own indoor and outdoor play areas. There is a fully fitted-out kitchen in between the two rooms with tea and coffee. We also have high chairs, baby change facilities and mini toddler toilets / sinks in each room.

Front Room

Most members will start their playgroup experience in the front room. This is for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 18 months. All the toys in the room and outside play area are suitable for children of this age group.

Back Room

Once children are older the group will move into the back room. This room is for multi-age playgroups (older children and their siblings). The room is slightly bigger with a larger outdoor area for play.

Nut Free Zone

Some children have serious allergic reactions to nuts. Therefore we ask no nuts or nut products (eg. Nutella, almond meal) are brought to the centre. See our Anaphylaxis policy for more information.