Your Membership Includes:

  • Use of our centre during your two hour playgroup session once a week, every week for a calendar year – January to December.
  • Membership to Playgroup Victoria. This includes the insurance that covers child and carer of the child at playgroup. Carer can be mum, dad, partner, grandparents, nanny, aunt, uncle, au pair.
  • Additional younger siblings.
  • Access to our events.
  • The flexibility to change groups or be an active member of more than one group. So, if you have two young children of different ages, you can join two playgroup sessions so your children can make their own friends with similarly aged children.
  • Access to our popular Dad’s Playgroup every Sunday from 10am-12pm, please contact Matt, our Dad’s Group Rep if you would like to attend.


Playgroup Rules

  • Be responsible for your children at all times – we are not a child care centre.
  • Sign-in to our attendance registry at each playgroup session and every time you enter our centre, so that you are covered by the insurance.
  • Be familiar with our policies and procedures – in case anything goes wrong, you know what to do in an emergency.
  • Report any maintenance issues – so that we can either repair or replace damaged equipment and toys.
  • Volunteer – You are required to volunteer at least two hours of your time at our events or working bee each year. Or you can be more involved by joining our committee. In addition, we need members to volunteer be a Group Rep, Fire Warden or Fire Warden Assistant. We are all busy parents, so we try to make all our voluntary roles, easy, fun and very social.
  • Pay your membership – within three weeks of joining and pay your renewal fee on time (otherwise you will not be covered by insurance).
  • Welcome new members – new members may join your group during the year. Please make them feel welcome and show them around.
  • Clean up – after each playgroup session so that the next playgroup can enjoy the facilities.


Playgroup Fees

Annual Membership

Although we are a not-for-profit organisation, there is an annual fee of $70. This covers your playgroup membership, public liability insurance, tea/coffee, fundraising for toys and equipment and operating costs of our volunteer run organisation. You will find this of great value, as you will have at least two hours of playgroup once a week, every week for the entire year! When you join Elwood Community Playgroup, your fee also covers your membership to Playgroup Victoria.

Members can pay their $70 fee here.

Health Care Cardholder / Financial Hardship

If you are a Health Care Cardholder or experiencing financial hardship, you are entitled to a discounted membership of $35, please pay here.

Membership Renewals

Membership renewals occur in late January/February and fees are due by 1st March each year. We ask you to pay promptly so that we can confirm your playgroup session day and time.


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