Playgroup Sessions

Our playgroup sessions are friendly and informal. You decide as a group how to run your playgroup session. This can be as structured or unstructured as you like.

Afternoon and early evening playgroup sessions may coincide with your child’s sleep time. Children change their patterns as they grow and we ask you to embrace the time slot given to your group. There are plenty of mums who love their afternoon and evening time slot and wouldn’t change it for the world. They get stuck in with arts and crafts, early evening dinners and reading night time stories!

Playgroup Size

For insurance purposes, we like to have no more than 16 adults per room per playgroup session.

Group Mergers

Naturally, some groups reduce in size as members move out of Elwood. We are a very busy playgroup with new members wanting to join all the time. So during the year, you may have new members joining your group.

If your group significantly reduces in numbers, then you may be merged with another small group. We merge small groups together to make space for new members. When this happens you may be given different day and time slot. This usually occurs around December / January when we move members from the front room to the back room.

Group Rep, Fire Warden and Fire Warden Assistant

Each playgroup needs to nominate a Group Rep, a Fire Warden and Fire Warden Assistant.

After Your Session

After each playgroup session, members are asked to tidy away all the toys, clean any used high chairs and vacuum the floor, so that the room is clean and ready for the next group to enjoy.