Behavioural Guidelines

All members are valued and respected, including the little ones. Whenever possible children should be prevented from hurting or intimidating others. Such behaviour is unacceptable. But, we know, things happen and sometimes occur when parents / carers may not be looking. Here are some guidelines to help us in such cases:


Solving simple disputes

If a child has pushed another over and a dispute arises both parents / carers must mediate the situation. We suggest the following:

  • Calmly ask each child to describe what happened.
  • Call for witnesses if necessary.
  • Ask the offender to apologise nicely.
  • Invite the other child to accept the apology graciously. Good manners can be learned early.


If event re-occurs separate the children, removing the offender to another activity. If child persists with hurtful, destructive behaviour the parent / carer needs to remove the child from the vicinity of others for some ‘quiet time’ until they are ready to play once more without hurting others. If the incident occurs yet again the parent / carer is responsible from removing child from Playgroup for that day.


Involving the Group Rep

If the child persists with hurtful behaviour over successive sessions and the parent in question is unable / refuses to moderate the child’s disruptive behaviour, complaints can be made to the Group Rep.

The Group Rep should:

  • Speak quietly and discreetly with both parties at the earliest opportunity, offering the support of the group.
  • Assemble the facts – ensuring that all points of view are taken on board.
  • Ensure the child is not victimised for their behaviour.
  • Ensure that help is given to the parent / carer with younger children, so they can have closer parental interaction with the child for the time of the playgroup session.
  • Anticipate trouble before it happens (this requires keen supervision, but it is worth the effort).
  • Direct the child to activities that will provide outlets for energy.


Involving the ECP Committee

  • If disruptive behaviour persists and is upsetting other parents (and their children), the Group Rep will raise the matter with the ECP Committee.
  • The Committee will make a decision and respond in writing outlining suggestions for resolving the grievance.
  • If no resolution is reached, the Committee will send letter of warning.
  • If there is still no change, the family will be asked by the Committee not to return. Any excess fess will be reimbursed.