Membership Enquiries

All new members are welcome. If you are a local resident living in Elwood with young children aged 0-5 years, you can join. Come and try a free playgroup session.

Although we are a not for profit organisation, there is an annual fee of $30.

What Your Membership Fee Includes

  • Use of our centre during your two hour playgroup session once a week, every week for a calendar year – January to December.
  • Carer can be mum, dad, partner, grandparents, nanny, aunt, uncle, au pair.
  • Additional younger siblings.
  • Access to our events.

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Once a member you can change groups or be an active member of more than one group. So if you have two young children of different ages, you can join two playgroup sessions so your children can make their own friends with similarly aged children.

Try Us

Come for a free trial and see if you like us.