This policy outlines what to do in the unlikely event of an evacuation such as fire, gas leak or unsafe building.

Fire Warden and Fire Warden Assistant

Each playgroup has two nominated persons to act as a Fire Warden and a Fire Warden Assistant. If required, these two people are responsible for contacting the emergency services and coordinating an evacuation. They may delegate tasks to other individuals in the group to help.

Fire Warden and Fire Warden Assistant Roles:

  • Ensure the immediate area is made as safe as possible and encourage people to stay calm.
  • Contact appropriate emergency services by dialling 000.
  • Establish safe escape routes depending on the exact location of the fire.
  • Blow the whistle (hanging on the fire extinguisher in the kitchen) and notify everyone where they should go for the evacuation meeting point.
  • Perform initial headcount using the sign in books.
  • Ensure the following areas are searched:

– Main entrance / foyer and side of building
– Kitchen
– Toilets
– Outside and inside play areas, sheds, cubby houses, climbing equipment (e.g. tunnels in inside back play area, red climbing frame in back outside play area) and any other area of the centre where adults or children may be.

  • Assist with the evacuation and manning of the nominated evacuation points.
  • Ensure the sign in books are taken to assist with the headcount post evacuation.
  • Perform a head count immediately post evacuation.
  • Encourage everyone to remain clam.
  • Contact the President or Secretary as soon as possible to report the incident. You can find their contact details in the sign in book.

What to do if there is a fire (as a member)

  • Maintain control and do not panic.
  • Rescue any person in immediate danger.
  • Isolate the fire as much as possible by closing doors.
  • Raise the alarm by calling for help and requesting the nominated Fire Warden to call 000.
  • Control the fire and attempt to put it out using fire blankets (if it is a small fire) or the correct extinguisher.
  • Evacuate the centre.

Evacuation meeting points

Fire at the front of the building: the designated meeting point is outside the back gate in the laneway behind the centre.

Fire at the back of the building: the designated meeting point is outside the front gate on the footpath in front of the centre.

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